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You are no longer tied up in 1:1 work (that you love, but takes so much time & energy). 

You are no longer hesitating, overthinking about what to sell, how to package it, and if anyone will even buy a course from you. 

You are certain that your work is meant to impact lives. 
You move with the energy of a ceo leader. 
You know that your desire for more money + more time freedom is yours. 

And it all starts with this summit.

You don't just dream about being the woman who has booked out programs + an overflowing bank account. You are her.

you know there is a reality where...

leave the energy of "everything has been done already" and tap into your intuition to create the most unique-to-your-soul, juicy offer

stop relying on booooring, outdated market research to know what to sell

sell with soul, so you have dream clients in your DMs asking for the payment link, no questions asked

serve just a handful of super magical 1:1 clients, and make a WHOLE LOT more money $$ while actually living your life off screen

You can feel the quantum leap coming. The question of "what comes next?" has been playing in your head. Your business is ready for something bigger than just 1:1 client work.

Because you know you're meant to be impacting more people. And at the same time, creating more revenue, space and slowness in your business (& life). 

10+ experts are coming together to guide you in downloading, creating and selling a divine digital offer that can easily add another $100k+ to your business.

It's time to...

Let's do things differently.

Learn from some of the most successful mamas + business owners about downloading, creating and selling your divine digital offer.

Your expert lineup

Extract the magic of your work into a wealthy soul offer

Ash McDonald

Embodied: Becoming the Woman who Creates & Sells with Ease 

Cassie Gudmundson

Aligned Scheduling and Work Flow using human design

Carolyn Williamson

Summits: The #1 Way To Build An Aligned Audience, FAST!

Kay Hillman

Sales Tea: the Mindset of Selling without the Ick

Kylie Kelly

Channeling your $100k offer

Jenni Adishian

Create Calm Within The Chaos (avoiding burnout)

Cassandra Muscara

Tapping into the magic of your feminine energy as a ceo

Ashley Beaton

Brand Magic: Leveraging your brand authority to close your most aligned clients

Steph Weber

Scaling your Soul Offer with Facebook Ads

Christina Bernhard

Ava Johanna

Energetics & Practical Steps for Increasing Your Capacity to Hold More Clients + Money

Embracing your multi-passionate business

Amber Hagberg

more speakers announced soon!

& more

Attuning to frequencies of wealth and desire

Stesha Reukauf

You are not going to want to miss out on this summit!

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as you can see by the lineup

You feel the pull? This is meant for you.
And we're serving it all up in 3 magical days.

The free $100k Soul Offer Summit is here.

High level 1:1 client work inherently has a ceiling. Your time and income are limited. 

But you're ready for the next season of business. Building out an offer that can scale, that impacts your audience deeply and that will give you the recurring income you desire to have more space away from work, and living your life.

It's time to stop trading dollars for hours, and create your $100k Soul Offer!

february 15th — 17th 2023

$100k Soul Offer Summit

It's safe to admit that you want more.
More time, more money, more clients.

During $100k Soul Offer Summit, you're going to learn everything needed to download, create and sell your divine digital offer. From the energetics to the aligned strategy, you'll know exactly what to do to add another $100k to your profit without exhausting yourself on 1:1 client work.

Part 1: The Feminine

The energetics behind your offer. Connecting in with your divine gifts, downloading the idea from the Universe & uncoding your next level of wealth consciousness.

Part 2: The Masculine

The aligned strategies. Not following a boring XYZ framework, but finding the actions that light up your soul and magnetize in "send me the link" DMs, so the Stripe notifications roll in daily.

Part 3: Integration

Get insider tips from Cassie & the other speakers about how to take all of this amazing knowledge and actually MOVE with it! Create your offer now, not in 3 years.

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$100k Soul Offer Summit

I'm an energetics and wealth mindset coach turned mindset coach for creatives and in particular, mamas. 

When I became a mom in 2018, I was not willing to sacrifice time with my baby to grow my business. I desired BOTH. I was consistently charging $10k+ for projects, but the truth is... my time and income were still capped.

I felt the soul nudge to create a group program. When I did things changed…rapidly. From $3k to consistent $8k months, then $11k. In March, when baby #2 was born at home I still made $17k cash.

I know you're desiring more right now. And a divine digital offer is that next step. And as a mama + ceo there are some unique things that come up for you. $100k Soul Offer Summit will get you out of your head, and finally make it happen.

I'm your host, Cassie

Have we met yet?...

Every day, a handful of amazing presentations will go live (& available for 48hrs). Listen to your intuition and watch the ones you feel called to, whenever you have time #momlife. 

The Goods

There is a collective energy upgrade that happens when you’re in a room with other visionary women doing big things in their business. It’s time you’re surrounded by those mamas who, like you, are creating spacious, impactful businesses (& make a lot of money, too).

The Magic

Plus, don’t miss out on the exclusive training that Cassie is hosting on Friday. Dive deeper into her money UPLEVEL process to hold & receive $100k cash without freaking out. She will also share more about her signature program Soul Offer Sprint if you want to dive deeper with mentorship.

The Bonus

february 15 — 17, 2023

Your Summit Agenda

live with your host, cassie

All Access Energy Bundle

Forever access to all of the presentations

Over $2000 in exclusive bonuses from our speakers including masterclasses, courses, memberships, and more!

Entry to win a 2 week Voxer intensive with Cassie for personalized support and deeper integration

And you'll get...

upgrade after you sign up

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grab your free ticket now!

GRAB YOUR TICKET FOR THE $100K SOUL OFFER SUMMIT AND start distilling the magic of your work into a program that sells, weekly.

The $100k Soul Offer Summit is about a different approach to this process. Because truly once you get over the mindset hurdles, creating a course can be such a fun, cash-creating experience. 

We're not following the outdates bro-marketing ways of course creation. We're tapping into the divine. Feminine & masculine energy. 

So, if you’re ready to finally get that course out of your soul (or journal) and into the world, grab your spot!

You already know that you have some magic inside of you, ready to be packaged up & sold in a course... that changes your life & your client's lives.

Our amazing experts are teaching on things like...

Downloading your course ideas from source / soul
Quantum leaping your results
How to use manifestation for quicker success
How to build your course with ease and flow
The energy of aligned sales to call in dream clients
Shifting from lack to overflow with your pricing beliefs
Aligned visibility strategies that feel GOOD
Branding your course to create community + sales
& so much more!

1. Is this specifically for mom entrepreneurs?

Yes, and those wanting to become a mom soon! There are so many summits + business trainings out there, but we know the uniqueness of being a Mom and CEO. That requires a different approach to biz!

2. When is it all happening?

There will be a kickoff call in the FB group on Feb. 14th. The presentations will be posted live on the website from Feb. 15th - 17th 2023.

3. How long will the videos be available?

Each video presentation is prerecorded so you can watch it whenever you desire! #momlife They will go live at 6am EST that morning and be available for 48hrs. If you upgrade into the All Access Energy Bundle, you get lifetime access to the recordings.

4. Are the presentations live? I might not be free!

No they aren't! To avoid any tech glitches and to keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be released at the scheduled time. Plus, we know how busy moms are day to day. There will be live Q&A chats with select speakers in the FB community throughout the week.

5. Are you still accepting speakers?

At the moment, this round of the summit is full! However, we're open to additional affiliates or potential speakers at next year's summit. If you're interested in affiliate details or being considered for the September round, email

6. I still have questions!

We're here to help! Post in the FB group or send an email to Cassie and her team at and we'll get back to you asap.

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